Koko Crater Hike

Sunday, April 22, 2018
The best part of this trip was that Christina knew all these awesome hikes. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed hiking until this trip. This particular hike was HARD. It is the Koko Crater Trail hike that is 1,048 steps straight uphill. And they aren't really steps, but old railroad ties. I'm happy we did the trail early in the morning, because it would have been way too hot later in the day.
La parte piu' bella di questo viaggio era che la Christina conosce tante camminate. Questa camminata era difficile. La camminata ti porta su 1,048 gradini. Alla fine, meritava, pero', era proprio difficile!

The beginning

The "steps"

Made it. So tired. 

But that view...

On our way back after the hike, we stopped by the Halona Blowhole. The beach that is there is spectacular!
Sulla via di casa, ci siamo fermati alla Halona Blowhole. La spiaggia che c'e' e' bellissima!

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