Pearl Harbor and Waikiki

Sunday, April 22, 2018
I've been to Hawaii a few times and have never been to Pearl Harbor. We headed there one morning to visit the USS Arizona. There are multiple ways to do Pearl Harbor. You can buy tickets online, way in advance, but you have to pay for those. Or, you can get to Pearl Harbor super early (7:15am) and wait in line and hope you get an early ticket. That's what we did and we got tickets for 8:45am, so it wasn't too bad of a wait. With your *free* ticket, they take you inside and show you a movie, then take you over to the memorial. You have about 15 minutes to view the memorial before they shuttle you back to the main area.
Sono stata a Hawaii un paio di volte, pero' non sono mai stata a Pearl Harbor. Ci siamo andati una mattina per vedere il USS Arizona. Per prendere i biglietti, ci siamo svegliati presto per aspettare in fila. Dopo che avevamo i biglietti, non avevamo aspettato molto e poi era il nostro turno. Vai dentro e ti fanno vedere un film, e poi vai al memorial. Hai circa 15 minuti e poi ti portano in dietro.

The memorial was built over the ship that sunk.

After Pearl Harbor, we headed to Waikiki to wander and shop for a bit.
Dopo Pearl Harbor, siamo andati a Waikiki per fare un giro.

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