Marina di Carrara :: 2018

Sunday, August 5, 2018
I spent one weekend at the beach in Marina di Carrara. This is on the western coast of Italy just south of the Cinque Terre. We went to a beach that my aunt used to go to all the time as a kid. It was hot, but the water felt so good! The water was nice and calm and super clear. One morning, we even took a little row boat out and swam where the water was crystal clear (didn't have my GoPro to take pictures).
Ho passato un weekend a Marina di Carrara. Siamo andati al Bagno Paradiso, dove la Zia Patrizia andava da piccola. C'era caldo, pero' in acqua, si stava molto bene! L'acqua era bella calma e trasparente. Un giorno abbiamo preso il pattino e siamo andati a nuotare dove l'acqua era ancora piu' trasparente.

Not a bad view!

The whole crew!

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