September 2022

Friday, September 30, 2022

September flew by! Between birthdays and wedding planning and Fall Break - it was amazing, but flew by.

Settembre e' volato via! Fra I nostri compleanni e facendo tanti preparativi per il matrimonio e le vacanze a la fine del mese - tutto era stupendo pero' andato molto veloce!

Birthday celebration at Seneca

I love the show Vanderpump Rules and Tom Sandoval, one of the people on it, has a band of sorts. He came to San Diego the weekend of my birthday. Andy graciously agreed to go with me and a few of our friends also joined. There were other people from Vanderpump at the show, so that was a TON of fun to see them!

A me piace molto lo show Vanderpump Rules. Uno de le persone e anche in una banda e suonava a San Diego il weekend del mio compleanno. Andy e' venuto con me e dei nostri amici per andarlo a vedere. Era molto bello e divertente anche' se cantava solo canzoni famose e neanche' molto bene. Pero' ci siamo divertiti molto! 



We sat upstairs and the band came up before to take a picture!

With Scheana and Raquel!

Now back to reality...

Fall Break was beautiful and I spent the first day at the beach soaking up the sun.
Le vacanze a la fine di settembre erano perfette. Ho passato il primo giorno su la spiaggia sotto il sole!

Birthday dinner at Addison with the Marschinke's 🤍

When we lived in Atlanta, we had good friends who had a daughter my age, Tasha. We kept in touch even when we moved to Salt Lake City and then again when I moved to San Diego - mostly via postcards from anywhere we went. She was out in San Diego for work and we were able to meet up for dinner and for a Padres game. It was so great to see her and catch up after so many years! 
Quando abitavamo ad Atlanta, avevamo dei amici che avevano una figlia de la mia eta'. Siamo rimasti in contatto anche' con tutti I cambi - sempre mandando una cartolina. La Tasha era a San Diego per lavoro e siamo riuscite a vederci per cena e per vedere una partita dei Padres.

To round out the already crazy busy month - Andy started a new job! He is doing a similar job just for a different company. 
Per finire il mese, Andy ha cominciato un lavoro nuovo. Fa piu' o meno la stessa cosa, pero' per una ditta diversa. 

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