USS Midway Day

Saturday, May 25, 2013
With Chiara, we went and toured the Midway. I had already done a tour a year or so ago, but this tour was so much better! On the last visit, I did just the main areas and it took me about 2 hours. This time, we spent almost 6 hours touring the ship! It was amazing and we lucked out with the people we talked to. One lovely veteran, Jim, took us on a personal tour that was amazing! We will never forget some of the stories he told us! It was such a fun thing to do!
Con la Chiara, siamo andate a visitare una base navale. Io l'avevo gia vista un paio di anni fa', pero', questa volta era molto diverso. L'ultima volta io c'ero per un paio di ore. Questa volta, eravamo li per quasi 6 ore! Un veterano ci ha cuccato e c'ha fatto fare un giro personale. Era bellissimo! E' proprio stata una giornata bellissima!

Food line
Officer's Dining Area

Barber shop

Where they made rice and beans

What each enlisted man was given
Bomb elevator
If your name was not on the list and you tried to enter,
this guy had orders to shoot you
BEST tour guide ever: JIM!! 
Up in the Island (command area)

How the ship was replenished
Midway on the left, ship in the middle replenishing,
"guard" boat on the right

Surgery room
One patient ICU


Weapons elevator

Top Gun plane!  
Pretending I'm an LOS calling a plane in
The cable planes had to hook onto to land
Fly the meatball
Info here

Signal for takeoff
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