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Sunday, August 5, 2018 about a weekend of a lifetime! My friend Valentina invited me to spend the weekend with her and her parents in Cannes, France. Uh, yes please! I took the train up to Milan where Valentina and I went to breakfast in this darling bakery.
Questo era un weekend che non mi ero mai immaginato! La mia amica Valentina, mi ha invitato a passare il weekend con lei a Cannes. Ho preso il treno per Milano dove abbiamo cominciato la vacanza con una colazione buonissima!

And then, we were off! It takes about 4 hours to drive from Milan to Cannes, but the drive was stunning. Such beautiful countryside, mountains, and just everywhere I looked, one place was more beautiful than the previous. When we got to her house (not the one in the picture below), we headed straight to the pool to cool off.
E poi siamo partiti! Ci si impiega circa 4 ore per andare da Milano a Cannes, pero' il giro e' molto bello. Ci sono tutti questi paesi in mezzo alle montagne che sembrano presepi. C'e' un posto piu' bello dell'altro. Quando siamo arrivati a Cannes, siamo andate subito in piscine per rinfrescarci!

Then, it was off to explore Cannes! We had to try macaroons, because, when in France... I loved the ones from Laduree', the perfect consistency and great flavor!
Poi, siamo andate a vedere Cannes! Dovevamo assolutamente provare i macaroon. Quelli di Laduree' sono molto buoni!

The boardwalk is just stunning.
Il lungo mare e' bellissimo!

Food! I'm going to do an entire blog post about the food, but at this restaurant, I had mussels as an appetizer and mussels as my main course. They were both so good!
In questo ristorante, ho preso le cozze di antipasto, e cozze come primo. Erano troppo buone!

Wandering around Cannes at night...
In giro per Cannes di sera...

Pretending to get onto my yacht

Walking the red carpet

The fully staffed yachts, reminding me of Below Deck Med.

Saturday was a glorious day. Valentina and I spent it at this beautiful beach, Belle Plage. Everything was amazing. The water. The food. The Minuty. I never wanted to leave.
Sabato era una giornata perfetta. Io e la Vale siamo andate in spiaggia. Tutto era perfetto. L'acqua. Il mangiare. Il vino. Non volevo venire via!

I mean...first row, with Minuty in my hand? What is better than this?!

After our beach day, we headed over to meet up with her parents and do some Paddle boarding and kayaking.
Dopo la nostra giornata fatticosa, siamo andate dove c'erano i suoi per fare il paddle e kayak.

Sunday morning, we did a helicopter ride above the two islands just off of Cannes, Ile St. Marguerite and Ile St. Honorat. I've never been in a helicopter, so this was pretty cool. The view from above is truly beautiful and the water was so clear you could see through it. Truly stunning.
Domenica mattina, abbiamo fatto il giro in elicottero per vedere le due isole di Cannes: St. Marguerite e St. Honorat. Era il mio primo giro in elicottero ed era molto bello. La vista da in alto, e' una da vedere. L'acqua era ancora piu' bella.

What an amazing weekend! Grazie Grazie Grazie Vale!
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